Custom Party Cakes

Price depends on how many servings/size of cake and will increase with additional tiers and enhanced level of artistry.  



Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are priced per slice, starting at $5 per slice for a naked cake, $6 for swiss buttercream and $8 for fondant covered round or square tiered cakes.

Price will increase based on complexity of decorations, special techniques used, and cake flavor.   



Everyday Cupcakes
$30/baker's dozen 

Specialty Flavors
Price Varies from $3.50 to $4.50 each

Custom Cupcakes
Price varies but cupcakes with custom made toppers start at $60/dozen 



Gourmet Cakes

Ranging in size from 6" on up, our delicious whole cakes are sure to please your palate.  FLAVOR LIST

Basic Betty Flavors     

6" round cake - $30                                  

8" round cake - $40       

9" round cake - $48     

10" round cake - $60     

Fancy Nancies/Boozy Suzies

6" round cake - $40

8" round cake - $50

 9" round cake - $60

10" round cake - $75